My aim starting to make Bundis dolls were to create organic soft toys for kids that where also aesthetically appealing to adults.
I wanted to make high quality products made of organic fabrics that not only looks nice but are soft and very cuddle friendly.
All materials used are organic cotton fabrics and the inks used conform with Oeko-tex 100 quality system.
The dolls are filled with oeko-tex certified polyfilling.

Who am I?
I´m Clara, a 31-year old mother of two with a passion for sewing and making.
I´ve studied fashion design and clothing technology and worked with fashion production in the past.

What I really love about making these dolls is to be part of every step of the creative process myself. To design the dolls and the prints on the computer, screen print my fabrics, sew the dolls and their clothes and finally stuff them  and finish the doll by hand.
Handmade with love every step of the way!